The Jamnya housing project started in 2012 as a collaboration between Melbourne based CERES Global and local Indian NGO Satpuda Vikas Mandal based in Pal, Maharashtra. The project began with the design and build of new teachers’ quarters for the Jamnya School, one of their poorest boarding schools of around 400 students in a remote tribal village near Pal.The improved accommodation is anticipated to attract a higher calibre of teacher and improve the gender balance of teaching staff at the school, while at the same time introducing and exploring new and innovative sustainable construction materials.

Background to CERES Global

CERES Global has been travelling to India since 2006 facilitating cultural exchanges with local communities and like-minded organisations in South India, Mumbai, Central India, Delhi and the Himalayas. Over this time the relationships between CERES Global and the local organisations have grown and strengthened to create enduring and trusted connections.

CERES Global are into building friendship. We’re approaching development and finding solutions to social and environmental challenges with a new lens. Aid and development models of the past have not always succeeded, and we know from our experience that it’s all about true friendship, trust, rapport, and understanding. We have a unique opportunity to foster that friendship with our long term partner Satpuda Vikas Mandal, and we welcome you to share our cross-cultural journey.

Essentially, CERES Global build relationships and connections with like minded organisations around the world to share ideas and knowledge. We operate as a social enterprise and our model is to achieve the above through organised socio-environmental cross cultural exchanges and experiential learning opportunities open to the public. We are excited to challenge and change the people who travel with us to think about the world differently. The experiences we create are diverse and many and come out of passionate conversations and aligned interests between us and other individuals or organisations both here in Australia and overseas. You can check out our website here to get an idea and see what is coming up. In addition to this we also take university groups on short term mobility programs all with a focus on global issues around sustainability, community development and the environment. – Sophie Edwards, CERES Global

Teachers quarters Phase 2 announced

With the support of the Australian Aid: Friendship Grant, the second phase of the housing
project with two duplex teachers quarters and the capacity to house an additional four
teachers and their families was launched in 2019. Technology transfer and skills sharing were
identified as key strategies for providing a contextually appropriate building methodology
for this project. The aim is to provide greatest potential for improved sustainable building
techniques at the same time as housing teachers.

To find out how you can get involved and join us in India on our next trip click on our information page here .

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