CERES Global are are in to building friendship. We’re approaching development and finding solutions to social and environmental challenges with a new lens. Aid and development models of the past have not always succeeded, and we know from our experience that it’s all about true friendship, trust, rapport, and understanding. We have a unique opportunity to foster that friendship with our long term partner SVM, and we welcome you to share our cross-cultural journey.

CERES Global has been travelling to India since 2006 facilitating cultural exchanges with local communities and like-minded organisations in South India, Mumbai, Central India, Delhi and the Himalayas. Over this time the relationships between CERES Global and the local organisations have grown and strengthened to create enduring and trusted connections.

In 2012 CERES Global and Satpura Vikas Mandal, a local NGO, began discussing the possibility of building new teachers’ quarters for the Jamnya School, one of their poorest boarding schools of around 400 students in a remote tribal village near Pal in northern Maharashtra.

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