Affordable, Sustainable and Suitable

All projects we embark on are evaluated against performance criteria that have been developed to evaluate each project and how effective they will be at addressing local needs. These performance criteria will also be instrumental for evaluating the cultural suitability/ replicability of  projects. For each project 

  • Socio-cultural Suitability  (maintains rural character and addresses local needs)
  • Level of Community Involvement (including local residents, local NGOs and local political groups)
  • Affordability (the majority of inhabitants of rural villages in the region are classified as living Below the Poverty Line (BPL)) the materials will need to be sourced and constructed to reduce transportation costs and be accessible to locals.
  • Environmental Sustainability (Resource conservation, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Waste Management, Drainage, Water Quality)
  • Health and Sanitation Needs

– Water Quality – safe access to and/or adequate storage of sufficient quantity of r drinking, cooking and personal and domestic hygiene.

– Sanitation – design construction and use of toilet – toilet is sited, designed and constructed and maintained in such a way as to be comfortable, hygienic and safe to use,

          -Respiratory Problems – adequate ventilation, alternative cooking methods

  • Durability/Safety Construction materials are durable enough to allow safe refuge and exit in case of natural disaster and monsoon rains.

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