Cultural & skills exchange with great results

The Jamnya Project has kicked of 2015 with an amazing effort from the Swinburne trade team. Along with CERES Global and under the guidance of Jon Wallace the team from Swinburne spent two and a half weeks experiencing diverse aspects of India while moving the Jamnya Housing construction project forward.

From earth construction training in lush the tropical environment of Auroville to the remote tribal village of Jamnya the team made connections, exchanged skills and ideas while making great friendships and leaving a lasting contribution.

The Swinburne tradies were greeted by in Jamnya by a local team in full swing producing Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks (CSEB) using local soil, sand and cement. The foundations were complete, the bricks were ready and the team was ready!


Through a week of extraordinary effort the team lived and worked at the Jamnya School alongside local villagers, the students, teachers and local skilled labourers. The team laid around 3,000 blocks while installing windows & doors and preparing for sanitary and electrical requirements.

The lasting results are a building well on the way to completion and local team skilled in CSEB production and construction. The work will continue through the year with the goal to have the house ready for habitation before the monsoon arrives later in the year.

CERES Global and Swinburne have joined to create a unique and longlasting contribution to the lives of all from India and Australia who have participated in the project.

We look forward to the next installment.


Words: PA