Appropriate technology brings environmental, social & cost benefits to Jamnya

The Jamnya Project made great progress in 2014. A highlight of the year has been reinforcing the relationship between the Auroville Earth Institute and CERES Global to transfer new earth construction technologies to Pal & Jamnya for the Jamnya Project.

Paul Adams and Phuong Tang spent around 6 weeks in India over two trips assessing the suitability of the Auroville method of CSEB production, purchasing and transporting a brick press, and delivering training in brick production.

A snapshot of some of the benefits to the community:

Cost: Competitive cost per cubic metre when compared with supply and delivery of locally available country fired bricks

Environment: 75% reduction in air pollution and carbon emissions when compared with country fired bricks

Social: Empowerment of local community to produce their own bricks or to start a new enterprise

These considerations were carefully analysed over the process of training and fine tuning locally appropriate manufacturing process to find positive outcomes.


Words: PA