Hot and dusty work at Jamnya School

In early 2016 a small team return to Jamnya to make another contribution to the project. The team was made up mostly of a Swinburne trade group and CERES Staff. The brief visit allowed the team to assist with some maintenance work on the brick press, start another batch of CSEB brickmaking and organise details with local carpenter for building the bamboo structure for the roof.


Great effort from the Swinburne & CERES team


Local bricklayers joined the team again


Back at work setting out levels and stringlines



Collecting local soil for a new batch of CSEB.


Local bamboo has been harvested ready for fabricating the roof structure.


CSEB used for small building in Khiroda

Another group are departing in late Nov 2016 to continue working on the building and to commence consultation on water infrastructure planning for the school and teacher’s quarters.

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by PA